Sticky hands 👐😞

What is the question every mother asks everyday?…..

“Why is that Sticky??!!”

It’s a question I ask my family more times a day then I would like to admit 😒 it doesn’t matter if nothing sticky has been served to my kids for some reason everything they touch ends up being STICKY and WET. Everything I look at has hand prints on it or feels sticky. Now i dont know about everyone else but sticky things are the absolute WORST for me. I hate the feeling of being STICKY or being able to see it. It makes me feel dirty and it becomes the ONLY thing I can see or feel. No matter how many times I wash my hands i can still feel it. It’s gotten so bad that I avoid touching things. I now have xray vision for it. I avoid door handles, cupboard handles, light switches, the toilet handles, door ways,  the dinning room table and let’s not forget the back of the chairs!! And I’m constantly seeing hand prints and what looks like dripping syrup or juice…..where did that come from you ask? Ha! I wish I knew 😲😲 it makes me Crazy! It’s like….how does it happen and moreover how do I make it stop?? 😂😂 it might actually make me go insane. I leave a room perfectly clean for 5 minutes and all of a sudden when I come back in it’s like my kids had a pancake and peanut butter party!! 

It seems like this post has become somewhat of a rant lol …. lets get to the point shall we. As a mother who makes sure her kids wash their hands regularly and avoids feeding them sticky items, I will NEVER understand how they still end up STICKY???😤😤 and I’m not sure if I really want to know…. I guess it’s just part of being a kid but dear God I’d really like to skip that part!!  Anyone else have extreme OCD about sticky hands or is it just me?


One sticky mom to another 😗


One thought on “Sticky hands 👐😞

  1. I don’t remember everything being sticky when my children were young. That could be senility speaking, of course. If there were a mess, more than likely it was my fault. I might love having you for my mom, but it’s a good thing you are not raising me. I would drive you crazy. I hope you find others who can empathize.


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