Lazy sunday🌝🌞

Sunday’s for me are not like everyone else’s. Other people get to sleep in. Kids don’t have school. No real reason anyone should be up early on a Sunday right?…. well not me. My dear loving boyfriend has the unfortunate responsibility of working on the weekends 😦 Sunday’s for us are early rise. 730 am…..every….single….sunday 😲😲 

Normally I would have all kinds of things to say about this nonsense but as I know… it’s out of my control. I mean really what kind of girlfriend does that make me to complain to Steve about having to get up early to drive him to work when I’m sure the last thing he wants to do is get up on a Sunday either but he does it to take care of his family. So I keep my mouth shut. If I really wanted to I could go back to bed and sleep but instead I take it as an opportunity to make Sunday’s MY day. The day I can get caught up on me time. I LOVE to read. I’ve always been able to escape into a good book….so I get myself a nice Tim Hortons coffee and start reading. It’s relaxing. During the week I try and finish any cleaning and or organizing that needs to be done just so I can have my Sunday fun day. I like the fact that the kids get to sleep in so I have those few hours in the morning to throw on a face mask and get a couple chapters in. I also get caught up on my recorded episodes of general hospital 😁 (yes ….i watch a soap oprahπŸ˜’ I’ve watched it for 30 years and dammit  it’s amazing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so no judging!!)  

Being a stay at home mom means I’m a busy woman throughout the week. Don’t get me wrong, I do get to have alone time during the week too but it’s not the same. All my daily activities with getting the kids to where they need to be, cleaning, laundry, getting Steve to work and taking care of dads needs at the end of the day when I get my down time it’s more like exhausted time then me time lol…. so that’s where Sunday fun day comes in to play. I find myself stressing and yelling and micro managing all week long so when sunday comes its my day to be free off all that and at least give myself a few hours of good solid stress free me time.  When you give yourself that time you learn things about yourself. I’ve learned I love writing😍😍 Its become a very good source of relief as well as disbelief for me. I enjoy very much getting everything out of my brain and I’m also discovering that I’m really good at it! A hidden talent I didn’t know I had or loved so much😊😊
I firmly believe that any woman in my situation desperately deserves free time….doing whatever she wants to do. Its important for your health and important to make sure you don’t lose who you are. Your still a person aside from being so many things to so many people. It’s also in your family’s best interest to allow you to have the time cause let’s get real for a minute….we would snap like twigs 😲😲

The point to me sharing this is because I made it a point to accept my early Sunday’s and create something good for myself. Not only is it helping me be a better person but also a better mother, partner and daughter. It’s helping me build myself up and discover new things about myself. If anything I’d like to pass this feeling on to all the amazing mothers out there who need a pick me up sometimes πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–


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